Our Offer

Our company specializes in processing of herbal raw material. We can offer various kinds of sizes to our customers thanks to our technical resources. Production can be carried out using the raw material offered by Krautex or the material provided by the customer.

What is more, we possess a high performance storage system with the capacity of over 600 t. The computer aided production management helps track all goods from delivery to shipment. We can pack our produce in paper or polythene bags ranging from 5 to 10 kg and in big bags of 300-400 kg.

Our Sales Department will be happy to provide you with all the information about our products, prices and shall organize delivery at your convenience. We will share our knowledge on obtaining the material, processing it and on the quality of our products as well as provide information on our current market situation.

Steam sterilization:

Steam sterilization: the sterilizer is the most modern device in our machine park. It operates using a screw conveyor mechanism that allows for microbiological decontamination of the material of any cut. The main advantages of the offered process include:

  • very good microbiological parameters of the sterilized materials with small loss of ethereal oils
  • electronic supervision and archiving sterilization parameters
  • high capacity (around 1,000 kg/h)
  • small losses
  • sterilization of every herb cut (including fix and powder)
  • maintaining output humidity at the same level
  • low costs of sterilization achieved thanks to using some of the energy produced from biomass

Our company’s laboratory carries out microbiological tests on every sterile batch (For more information on the tested parameters click: Quality). We pack our produce in paper bags with plastic lining.

Our processing offer includes:

Drying and threshing

Rough cutting

Cutting and sieving



Friction and cleaning